House no. 15

Built-up area: 75.15 m2
Livable area: 64.89 m2
Bedroom: 2
Bathroom: 1
Separate toilet: yes
Garage: no
Separate kitchen: partially
Terrace is not a part of the delivery

Standard price
I. stage: 23.988 €
II. stage: 35.621 €
III. stage: 49.058 €

The price includes transportation cost within Slovakia, includes VAT, and excludes foundation plate. Contact us for the price including the transport cost to your building site and according to your specifications.

Tiny bubbles in the internal structure of the walls guarantee excellent thermal insulation and acoustic properties. Vapour-permeable diffusely open construction prevents the formation of mould and allows natural air conditioning. Fire resistance class REI180 guarantees non-flammability. The use of silicate materials brings not only basically unlimited lifespan of construction but only natural materials are ecological and completely recyclable.


01. Vestibule: 5.43 m2
02. Bathroom: 5.69m2
03. Kitchen: 8.20 m2

04. Living room: 21.23 m2
05. Bedroom: 11.46 m2
06. Room: 12.81 m2

Modifications of house no. 15

Get inspired by houses modified according to our customer’ requirements

House no. 15B

Built up area: 79.69 m2
Livable area: 68.47m2