SW 3E is a progressive technology for the production of the lightweight walls prefabs WLS made from ceramic composite Siopor®, Liapor and Smectite.
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Thanks to the use of natural materials, we protect the environment, but especially the health of people who lives and work in buildings made by SW 3E technology. Liapor and Siopor are raw materials that guarante these advantages.

The homogeneous walls WLS have excellent thermal insulation properties that meet the low-energy criteria.

Houses made by this technology are also cost effective. Distribution lines for electricity and water, connecting structures, thermal insulation are all built in the walls during the production process.

The advantages of the progressive system SW 3E

High value of the house
The advantages such as low cost and short construction time, resulting from the use of Liapor and Siopor, are affiliated with those resulting from the method of construction of massive houses, non-decreasing value of construction and long life span.Thanks to the use of silicate materials, lifespan is basically unlimited. As far as the house is under quality roof and there are not any extraordinary destructive environmental influences, lifespan may reach hundreds of years.

Building materials are environment-friendly and natural
All used materials are completely recyclable and only natural materials are used in the production of components for ceramic houses. Thanks to the use of natural materials only, we protect the environment, but also the health of people who live in such houses. Liapor and Siopor are raw materials that guarantee these advantages.

Exterior walls are saving the energy
Thermal resistance with a value of r 6,6 m2K/W of 35cm thick outer wall is unique for a massive house. Thanks to this, the massive wall made by our system saves the energy and your money.

Vapour-permeable walls that breathe
If you want to feel good, you need walls that breathe. Our building is diffusely open, i.e. vapour permeable,and this fact severely limits the formation of mould. Vapour-permeability factor moves between 8 to 12 depending on the static load capacity of the wall.

Efficient insulation ensures a pleasant interior climate
Warm during the winter, pleasantly cool in the summer. Make it happens with the ceramic material with excellent thermal insulation properties.

Sound insulation factor
The internal segmentation of wall structure secures excellent soundproof properties, which comply with relevant standards. The sound insulation factor of “Liapor-Siopor” outer wall ranges from Rw51 and enables you to enjoy peace and restful sleep.

No chance for fire
At last but not least, fire resistance of walls and base plates are also important for your safety. When using non-flammable insulation material, Liapor-Siopor walls guarantee fire resistance class REI180.

More about the advantages of ceramic objects

Construction system
  • Structural building system consists of lightweight wall ceramic prefabs.
  • 100% natural, non-toxic and non-metallic materials.
  • Vertical structures for interiors and exteriors with a thickness of 15 cm are designed as prefabricated in the factory with the strength of over 6 MPa. Exterior walls are insulated with 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials.
  • This product does not only save the energy but is also low-cost and fast to implement.
  • It meets strict EU standards and requirements of global markets.
  • Innovations and technical expansion stimulates the creation of a new structural systems with the use of new materials. Using natural materials only, as in our case, is a modern and successful return to tradition (it represents a new generation of lightweight ceramic houses).
Progressive wall
  • wall with internal insulation
    prevents heat loss
  • space saving wall
    greater living area with the same built-up area
  • self-supporting of construction
    additional adjustments can be made to walls
  • lightness of the construction
    lightweight walls allow you to build a house on the floating base plate
The comparison of technical and quality indicators

The source: The certificates, The experiences, The data given by the manufacturer, The technical measurement