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Our offer for cooperation brings number of advantage:
  • shorter construction time
  • maximum flexibility in layout planning
  • easier to build more complex shapes (arcs…)
  • finishing works done independently
  • eco-friendly building – use of natural materials only
  • pre-installation in the walls (electricity and water distribution systems)
  • peripheral walls with primary thermal insulation
  • lower construction costs
  • thanks to the fast construction process (bare house in just few days)
  •   faster turnaround in your investments
  • larger utility area for the same built-up area
  • volume rebate

Offer your customers more value with ecological houses, built by the most innovative and progressive technology on the market! We will assembly the house in just a few days or even hours. You can do all the other finishing works yourself. We build a houses or entire buildings according to your own projects or we may also help you with projects. Save time on a building process and focus on selling. Leave construction of a bare house on us!

Send us your project at or contact us at +421 948 641 518. We would love to have a coffee with you, discuss your project and prepare the most efficient offer for you.

Build faster and better with innovative technology
Not only the ceramic material, the main composite of the progressive walls, but also the SW 3E construction technology is unique.

On generally, assembled houses, comparing to the conventional technology (brick houses) guarantee faster construction. Thanks to the production of the walls in a plant, the process of the overall construction not only accelerated but also eliminates the mistakes.

The walls of the house are under strict technological control to ensure their perfect flatness, accuracy and other qualitative parameters. In the walls, there are already built-in pipes for electricity distribution, grooves for water distribution and sewage. This not only save the time but also make the finnishing works smooth and easier.

We also supply the exterior walls with the basic thermal insulation according to your design and expectations. The advantages are not only the assembled method of construction but, above all, the material itself. When using SW ceramic material, such houses improve the properties of the brick house (eco-friendly diffusion open structure) and provide your clients with high quality living standard in a house with unlimited life-span. Permeability, sound insulation or excellent thermal insulation properties are the most important benefits of building SW ceramic homes.

We have a patent for production and assembly that guarantees monopoly not only in the Slovak market but uniqueness throughout Europe. The manufactured wall components meet the current criteria set by European standards. Thanks to parts of the construction, you can also avoid other unnecessary cost like an over-sized foundation. Nevertheless with the same built-up area, you get more net floor space.